Trying something new…

It’s been a little over a year since I graduated from university and to be honest I see less of my friends as we have all entered new chapters of our lives. Don’t get me wrong we still see each other, occasionally, for a nice meal and a catch up. (I miss you ladies!) ❤

Since the new year started, I began to feel like I needed something new in my life, I’d love a baby but that was not it. I spoke to a friend and she suggested joining a dance class. I laughed that off, (I look like a wild hippo when I dance) although I could do with the exercise but I’m not really feeling that at the moment. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I need to do something practical and therapeutic. I came up with three potential hobbies I could possibly enjoy.

  1. Dressmaking – I can’t sew, never used a sewing machine but I’ve watched members of my family sew and it didn’t look that hard. Plus I have a ton of fashion related ideas in my head I’d like to make come true.
  2. Jewellery making – a teacher of mine used to make her own jewellery and I thought she was crazy because it looked like junk but realised everyone has their own taste and I can make mine how I’d like it to be.
  3. Pottery making – I have a passion for art. I also like getting my hands dirty. I’ve always wanted to make a my mum a fruit bowl or a vase.

I searched the net for classes close to home but I didn’t find much, so I spoke to my mum and she said she had a sewing machine somewhere in the storage cupboard and I could watch some YouTube sewing tutorials and learn. Great stuff!

One afternoon, I pulled out the sewing machine and I was so excited about trying something new. I wanted to go out and get some material to make my littlest sister a dress. However, my mum explained the basics of setting up the sewing machine. It took a little while. I was itching to get started, I couldn’t wait, I kept thinking about all the clothes I could sew for myself. A whole new wardrobe by myself!

After 30 minutes I packed it all away, feeling frustrated! The thread kept gathering together and when I finally thought I had sewn a straight line, well, it was a bittersweet moment as it wasn’t exactly a straight line but I managed to sew a full line without the thread gathering.

My dreams of sewing myself a whole new wardrobe were shattered. I had no energy to even motivate myself. The frustration was real! Those 30 minutes of trying sucked all the energy out of me. The sewing machine has been packed away but it will be taken out again, soon. I still want to try pottery and jewellery making in the near future. May be even find another hobby, who knows.

Note to self and all the young men and women who are afraid of trying something different: don’t be afraid, take every opportunity you get to try something new. You’d be surprised at what you enjoy and it doesn’t matter if you don’t fancy it, at least you’ve had a try at something different.


Sabah ❤