Silver Wedding Anniversary

Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story Jennifer Smith

This post is written in honour of my beloved parents. Today they celebrate their wedding anniversary. 25 years of being together, sharing their highs and lows; overcoming obstacles and experiencing joy together as one; a team

I thought of something a little different for this post and I am so excited to announce I have two very special guests, yes that’s right, I asked mum and dad if they would like to take part in a little something, a short quiz for my blog, and to my surprise they agreed!

I asked mum a few question whilst she was on her own, but when it was dads turn, well he had an audience; mum next to him and all of us siblings present in the room. The pressure was on!



Before we start off, how are you today?

Mum: I’m good. (I was waiting for more…) I’m okay thank you.

Dad: Im alright. (He looks nervous.)

So, you’ve been married 25 years, how do you feel about that?

Mum: How do you want me to feel? (She laughs.) It just feels like 25 years have gone by too quick.

Dad: Good. Is it 25 years? I thought it was 26 years. Very good, im happy.

What has been your highlight in these 25 years of you being with each other?

Mum: Having our children together. (I laughed and said “if you didn’t say your kids I wouldn’t have been happy”)

Dad: My Kids! (He turned to mum and said “what else, it has got to be our kids”)

(All of us siblings cheered and aww’d.)

Describe one another in 3 words.

Mum: Funny, supportive and loving.

Dad: Understanding, intelligent, a good saver. (Everyone bursts out laughing.)  I mean your mum is loving and caring

What advice would you give a newlywed?

Mum: Be happy, support and trust each other and do your best to understand one another.

Dad: Live like me and mum; stay happy, don’t fight and support each other.

Isn’t it weird how their answers somewhat matched even though mum was quizzed separately from dad. I can’t even express the amount of love I have for them both, they have taught me that there is more to a marriage. I love what they have, don’t get me wrong, it isn’t always sunshine but they share an umbrella and survive the storm together and I admire that so much.



From all of us, we would like to wish mum and dad many more years of love and happiness together.


Sabah ❤


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  • Balx

    Happy 25 th Anniversary. Mashallah Dad and Mum where defo a match made in heaven Ameen. May they have many many more years of laughter’s and boy’s

    • Hafsa Iqbal


  • Such a lovely post to read, how inspiring! Understanding each other is such good advice. X

  • This was an amazing post loved it!!

    • Sabah

      Thank you Kerona 🙂

  • Hafsa Iqbal

    I enjoyed this post and hope mum and dad like it too xx

  • ramblingmads

    Congrats to your mum and dad on their anniversary.