Shadow Switch Review

Shadow switch is a small pot of goodness that helps a girl out when she’s using more than one eye shadow colour and doesn’t have enough brushes to do the job. It’s known as a dry makeup brush cleaning tool that makes it easier for you to use your eye shadow brush without all the colours blending into one.

It’s so simple to use, all you have to do is press your brush into the tin and swirl it around a couple of times. Test the brush on the back of your hand to make sure there is no colour on the brush before putting it into another shadow colour. I even tried it out on my blusher brush, gave it a swirl and it worked; amazing!



I just wish I had this sooner, it would have been really handy this summer gone. I wasn’t only working on my own face but had a few other ladies makeup to do too and it was really annoying when I used a makeup cleanser on my eye shadow brushes before switching to another colour as the wet brush ruined my shadows, so shadow switch would have been perfect then. I’m just glad I’ve had the opportunity to test it out; I love it!

Beauty Essentials have recently changed their packaging for all their products. I have been sent the original packaging however, these pictures below show what the new packaging of Shadow Switch will be looking like.




Beauty Essentials will have products available to purchase in Sephora and online when their website launches. However, if you are interested in purchasing Shadow Switch you can get it from here:

You can also find Beauty Essential UK on:

Twitter & Instagram: @BeautyEssUK

Please note: Shadow Switch was sent to me to test out, all views and opinions are my own.

Have you used Shadow Switch before? How do you clean your eye shadow brushes so that the colours don’t blend? Let me know in the comments. 🙂


Sabah ❤