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My Style is a sole trader business based in the UK; they offer a range of affordable fashion and beauty accessories. The face behind My Style is Chloe from – Chloe is down to earth and I love her positive energy; she even took time out to answer a few questions on something I have been researching lately. Thanks Chloe! ❤


I wanted to purchase something for my sister who is always spoiling me and has been there for me through the highs and lows. I browsed through the jewellery section, there was a wide range to choose from; I couldn’t believe how unique and affordable the pieces were. I finally decided I would go with the marble triangle cuff bracelet and earrings; something different to what my sister wears, I thought it would be nice for her to switch up her style with these accessories.

The checkout process was simple and I received the parcel a few days later. The items came in a simple but cute grey bag and they were wrapped in pink tissue paper. This meant I did not have to gift-wrap them; this saved me a lot of time and I was able to give them to my sister as soon as she came home.



The cuff bracelets and earrings came in two colours; turquoise and white. I went with the white for both the cuff and earrings.  I loved the marble effect also because it was a gift, I thought it would look better if I went for the same colour on both the items, so they look like they come as a set.

When my sister did get home, I told her I had a little something for her. She was surprised and excited; well, excited is an understatement. She loved them; she thought the earrings were cool as they were the 2 in 1 kind of earrings.



I would definitely recommend as there is a range of affordable goodies; clothes, makeup, jewellery, phone accessories, and lots more. Chloe kindly agreed to give you all a 10% discount to use on My Style site for 6 months!


Valid until 4th April 2017

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Sabah ❤