Making the most out of rose water

When I worked in a health and beauty store, I noticed customers often asked if products contained rose water. I decided to do my own research to see what was so special about it and why most people, (especially the older generation) were interested in products with rose water. I found out that, there are many benefits to rose water and that it is used in cooking, perfumes and skincare products.

Since my research, I purchased a bottle of rose water and I don’t regret it one bit, even though I do think the scent is a tad too strong for me but it works wonders. If I use just a little bit at a time and mix it in with other products, such as body lotion, eye cream, etc, the scent doesn’t bother me much.

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These are just a few ways I use rose water:

  • I add a drop or two onto a cotton wool pad to gently wipe all over my face and neck; it reduces redness and swelling, as well as, keeping the skin bright.
  • I also purchased an empty spray bottle, which I filled up with rose water; I use this as a makeup setting spray, however, I also spray it onto my the face before applying makeup, so it acts as a toner.
  • Rose water is known to be an anti-bacterial, so I mix it into my homemade makeup remover to help keep my skin clear, it also opens up blocked pores and eliminates dead skin cells.
  • I usually add a drop into my eye cream, as it soothes my eye-bags and aids in removing dark circles as it hydrates the skin.
  • Rose water also contains many vitamins, so I use it in my homemade lip scrubs, which helps keep my lips exfoliated.

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There are many ways you can use rose water to improve your skincare or flavour your cooking. Although I only use it for skincare, I know a few people who have been using rose water in their cooking to give it that extra kick. Personally, I don’t fancy it in my food and I don’t think my mum’s ever used it in her cooking either.

If you would like me to write about my homemade lip scrubs or homemade makeup remover, let me know!

Have you used rose water before? What do you use it for?


Sabah ❤



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  • A great post on Rose Water. I see that you can use and do a lot with Rose Water. It sounds like a great makeup remover. 🙂

  • Aßßie

    Hey Sabah, I am literally getting that rose water bottle out now to use it on my skin. I have been using it in desserts. Oh, and there’s a Turkish Delight that’s rose water flavor and I am loving it.

    • Hey Abbie!
      I’ve tasted it in desserts before but I find it so overpowering, maybe if there was just a drop or two of it in the desserts, I wouldn’t mind it so much.x

  • Ali and Her

    Must try this as I always hear good things. I know what you mean about the smell. It can get a bit overwhelming and sickly at times but I had no idea it has so many benefits!

    Amina xx

    • Thanks to all those ladies who came into the store and made me question why they loved it so much. Now I love it too, it works wonders.x

  • This is an interesting post. I see you have the East End rose water, I was under the impression rose water made for cooking wouldn’t agree with my skin but it appears it’s worked well for you. I love the scent of roses! I have the Rose oil by Pixi Beauty which I mix with my moisturiser in the evenings.


    • Yeah, I’ve never had a problem with East End rose water, it does the job; works well for me and it’s affordable too, which is great. I’ve never tried the rose oil by Pixi Beauty. Thanks for commenting x

  • It works wonders, if you use daily, you will see great results.x

  • I’ve never tried anything from Neals Yard Remedies before. I need to find a bottle of rose water that doesn’t smell too stronger. I do have rose water scented candles in my bedroom that are perfect; not too strong.
    It works really well as a setting spray.
    Thanks for commenting x

  • Lucy McLaughlin

    I use a rose and lavender water toner (Eau Roma toner water from Lush – it’s unscented) and it works wonders for opening pores and the rose is amazing for reducing redness. I didn’t know all of these other benefits though so I’ll need to purchase some pure rose water and try for myself! ❤️ this post.
    Lucy x

    • Oh wow unscented?! I may have to pay Lush a visit.
      Thank you for commenting Lucy x

  • Róisín H

    I like rose water but I’ve never used it neat on my skin – may have to give it a try! I’d love to hear about how you make makeup remover, normal wipes make me so red at the moment!

    • Oh no, have you tried wipes for sensitive skin? Simple wipes are quite good. Baby wipes also work well for me, have you tried those before?

  • I had a product with rose water once from the Body Shop but didn’t use it much- I may have to reconsider and get some after reading this! Anything natural that is skin-clearing or just all-around skin improving is a plus for me! Thanks for this!
    XX Jen

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