January Favourites


Time is flying like nobody’s business; January just felt like a week. I will be sharing my January favourites with you, the list is long so let’s get straight to it!

Vitamin E Moisture Cream (£13 from The Body Shop)

The Vitamin E moisturiser was actually my mums, I packed it into my bag when I went to stay over at my aunts. Since then, I have been wearing it every day; I love it. It makes my skin feel so smooth, hydrated and refreshed. Sorry mama, you ain’t getting this back.

NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray – Dewy Finish/Long Lasting (£7 from Boots)

This was and still is the first NYX product I purchased, although this is the second time I’ve purchased this bottle of goodness, I was super happy that this product worked out for me as I was previously using the MAC setting spray, which is around £10 more in price.  I have decided to stick with NYX as it does what it says on the bottle, works well with my skin and it’s affordable.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask (Offer price 99p from Superdrug)

The new Garnier skincare range has been advertised all over social media and I decided to try out the face mask even though I don’t really like using sheet/tissue masks. This mask was cold and really refreshing. When I removed the mask, my skin felt hydrated. One of my favourite things about this product was that there was a lot of serum left in the packet; I massaged the remainder of the serum onto my neck. I feel people often leave out their necks when using mask/moisturisers not realising that when we get older our necks will age too, so it’s definitely a good idea to take care of that as well as your face. Will I be trying this mask again? Yes. Does that mean I like sheet/tissue masks now? Unfortunately, I’m still not a fan.

Crystal Collagen 24k Gold Under Eye Gel Pads (Pack of 10 for £2.76 from Ebay)

The under eye skin is very delicate, thin and needs to be taken care of. We often get eye bags and dark circles from lack of sleep, dehydration and stress. I came across these when I was just browsing on Ebay. At first, I was quite sceptical about them and to be very honest I don’t regret buying them, in fact when I’m low on stock, I will be repurchasing these bad boys. Mama and I tried these on and were instantly hit will a cooling sensation followed by a tingly feeling. I thought we were having a bad reaction from the eye masks. After 20 minutes, we removed the eye masks and noticed our under eyes were glowing. I haven’t been impressed with any under eye skincare products before until I tried these affordable beauties from Ebay.

ONE1X Purifying Blackhead Remover (£3.78 from Ebay)

I wouldn’t have known about this product if it wasn’t for my cousin, she explained how this mask hurt like a *beep* when she removed it, but she was happy with the results; all the impurities were removed from her face. I decided to purchase it and try it out for myself. I only put this mask on my nose to remove blackheads and WOW after 15/20 minutes my nose did not have a single blackhead on it, I was so excited because it had been so long since I had seen a bald nose.  I’ve used nose strips before but nothing worked like this product, so it’s a big thumbs up from me.

Real Techniques Brow Set (Offer price £10 from Asda)

What a bloody bargain! I had my eye on this set since it came out and when I saw it in Asda for a tenner I had to get it. The tweezers work really well, I even shaped my brothers beard with a pair of tweezers from this set. I love the angled brushes, especially the small spoolie, it’s my favourite out the lot, it’s the perfect size to groom and blend.

Owl Trinket Dish (£6 from Womanish Affairs Store)

I created one for myself to store all the little bits and bobs. This owl trinket dish came in good use this month as I dressed up and accessorised a little more than usual because my family and I celebrated both my sisters birthdays. The dish held my small jewellery and loose change at the end of a long day. It’s the perfect bedroom accessory/storage that helps keep my shelves tidy.

TV Show: Greys Anatomy

I actually started watching this at the end of last year and I have finally caught up from season 1 to the current season 13. I can’t believe I don’t know anyone who watches this or haven’t been recommended to watch this show before. I LOVE IT! I usually get put off medical TV shows, because of all the gruesome scenes but Greys Anatomy doesn’t show anything that could possibly make me puke. The show comes under the drama and romance genres but it’s not the soppy kind of drama, watching this you feel a roller coaster of emotions, every episode has your attention, you fall in love with the characters and the storylines just keep getting better and better. If you are looking for a TV show to watch, then this is definitely the one.

Drink: Rubicon Light and Fruity – Mango, Lime & Mint Juice

You will either love it or hate it. It’s like a fruity mojito especially when you get that mint flavour hitting you at the end. I’m hoping this product doesn’t get discontinued in store and it’s around for life because your girl here is enjoying the drink.

Snack: Guacamole on toast with a drizzle of sriracha

I like to experiment in the kitchen, to see what tastes good and what doesn’t. Toast your bread, spread some guacamole and drizzle some sriracha on it and voila, enjoy! Give it a try, if you like guacamole, you won’t be disappointed. Check out my guacamole recipe: Homemade Guacamole.

Blogger of the month: Amina from Ali and Her

I’ve never done blogger of the month before but I think if anyone deserves it, it has to be the one who checks up on me when I haven’t posted on my blog or social media in a while. She is always one of the first people to comment on my blog posts and who is generally really supportive; the lovely Amina from Ali and Her. You can find posts based on beauty, motherhood, and lots more on Amina’s blog. I have enjoyed reading posts by Amina for a very long time. Have a read of her blog and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

This post was going to be a short one but I didn’t post a lot in January so I thought I’d make up for it now. I hope you enjoyed reading my January favourites. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to read on Womanish Affairs, do let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.

Have you tried any of the products listed above? What have you been loving lately?


Sabah ❤