Freedom Studio Solid Brush Bath Review

How often do you deep clean your makeup brushes/sponges?

I have to admit, I don’t deep clean my makeup tools as often as I would like but I do have brush cleansers that I use on my brushes before applying makeup. Deep cleaning can take a lot of time (depending on the quantity of tools), and the drying time takes forever. However, I cannot stress enough how important deep cleaning makeup tools are.

I purchased the brush bath from Superdrug, I didn’t give it much attention, all I read was brush bath and popped it into my basket. I thought it was one of those tubs where I swirl my brush and its clean without having to rinse it. I know, I know, the word bath should have given it away.

The first time I opened it to use I thought, wow it’s just a soap! Honestly, I felt slightly disappointed; I don’t know what I was expecting it to be but definitely not a soap. However, the soap was so good that it didn’t even take me that long to clean my makeup tools. I was amazed by what this brush bath could do. It took away the makeup from the brushes in one swirl of the soap and a quick rinse.

I usually use fairy liquid with antibacterial gel to deep clean my brushes/sponges; it removes all impurities  however, it takes quite some time to get them clean. After using the Freedom Studio Solid Brush Bath, I will continue to use this when deep cleaning my makeup tools because it does an amazing job and in half the time it usually takes.

It has a slight scent but you can’t smell it on the brushes once they are rinsed. I definitely recommend this product. It’s also a bargain; you can get 100ml for £7 from Superdrug.

What do you use to deep clean your makeup brushes? Have you tried this product? Let me know in the comments.

Sabah ❤