Crunchy Snap Peas

I’ve been working on improving my lifestyle; taking baby steps. One thing I decided to change is my snacks. I have been looking for healthier alternatives; fruit and veg. It can get quite boring eating the same snacks, so I’ve been mixing it up and experimenting. Snap peas are one of the many new snacks to munch on when I’m feeling peckish, they are also quick and easy to cook, which is a bonus.


A small bag of Sugar Snap Peas

1 tablespoon of Olive Oil

½ teaspoon of dried red chilli flakes

½ teaspoon of ground black pepper

Sea salt for that extra taste


  1. Put olive oil into a pan and leave on medium heat for 30 seconds before adding in the snap peas.
  2. Toss the snap peas every 10-15 seconds so they do not burn, add in the red chilli flakes and black pepper.
  3. After 3-4 minutes, take the snap peas off the heat, sprinkle on some sea salt and they are ready to snack on.

Have you eaten snap peas before? If so, how do you like them?

What do you like snacking on?

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Sabah ❤



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  • ethicalevolution

    Love this, I do something similar with edamame beans x

  • lauren matthews

    i LOVE snap peas! This sounds like a super great recipe! Good work (:

    Lauren |

  • Amy Coles

    These look so good! I’ll definitely have to try these!

    Amy x

  • Yum these sound delish and actually simple to make! AND healthy!? yes yes yes!!

  • Jodie.Mitch

    These sound so nice, especially with the sea salt, I just wish I wasn’t allergic to peas! (A weird thing to be allergic to I know..)

  • These sound so good, I love peas. A great healthy snack!

  • abigail

    These look so good, I’m not a healthy eater but really should be!

    Abbie xo

  • This looks just delicious! 🙂 I should try this if I can find sugar snap peas in the grocery store. :/ 😉 What else you healthy snack on? I like the classic healty snack – nuts and dried fruit. 🙂

    • To be honest I don’t really snack as much as I used to. Before I always snacked on unhealthy stuff like crisps and chocolate but ever since I started improving my lifestyle, I’ve noticed I very rarely snack and if I do it’s usually fruit or crackers. I have a few new healthy snacks to try out and I will be writing about them, so keep an eye out. x