Coconut Lane

I recently teamed up with Coconut Lane and I’m proud to announce that I am an Official Coconut Queen! No, that does not mean you start calling me “majesty” or bowing down whenever you see me (although, that would be so funny!) Being a Coconut Queen means, I am an ambassador for the company. How exciting! was launched in October 2015, so their 1-year birthday is around the corner! Whoop Whoop! Coconut Lane brings you chic, classy and affordable home and fashion accessories. There are so many items available to make a girls dream come true. Have you ever seen those Pinterest bedrooms and offices? Well, I die for them and I know I can make it happen with the help of Coconut Lane, they have the accessories for it! So, I decided to treat myself and purchase a few items and I have even got you lovely lot a 20% discount code to use on the site for whenever you feel like purchasing from there.



BFF Bracelets 

I fell in love with the simplicity of the BFF bracelets and I had to get them, I think I’ll be keeping both for myself (sorry best friend). has a wide range of jewellery accessories; they add that extra class to your look.



Confidence Wall Art

I also had to get a wall art, I’ve always wanted one. I’m all about positivity and this one just stood out. I plan to hang this in my bedroom, so it’s the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night. To me, this wall art screams, “have more confidence in yourself!”  There were so many to choose from, I will definitely be back for more.


Cake Card

This card made me giggle! It’s my birthday next month and I’m planning ahead for a post I will be writing. There is a range of greeting cards to choose from and they are perfect for those of you who write letters to family and friends. Switch it up a bit and write it on one of these cards. Trust me, they are that good, I even bought one for myself. (Don’t judge me!)



If you decide to visit don’t forget you can save yourself a few £’s with the code WOMANISHAFFAIRS20 whenever you feel like treating yourself or purchasing a gift for your family or friends; it’s the perfect place to find something classy for someone sassy.


What was your favourite from the items I purchased?

Have you visited the site before? If so, what did you purchase?


Sabah ❤