Book Review: Ishq and Mushq by Priya Basil

A book review on a passionate and moving novel about love, war and family secrets, written by Priya Basil. The words ‘ishq’ and ‘mushq’ mean ‘love’ and ‘smell’.

Favourite character

Sarna Singh. She is the typical Indian woman who left her family to go be a good wife to her husband. Moving around (India, Africa and England) and trying her best to fit in with her husband’s family. Sarna has a devastating secret of her own but how long can she keep it away from her loved ones?

Favourite scene

When Sarna moves to England to live with her husband but she doesn’t feel 100% comfortable in the move as everyone around them are so different and she thinks her husband wants to move to be with his “secret London lady friends”.

Favourite quote

“Remember there are only two things you can’t hide – ishq and mushq: love and smell”.

The beauty of this novel is that Basil wrote about three generations of Punjabi’s in India, Africa, and England, some of the events that took place in the story have actually happened in real life. The characters in the book did feel real, it gives an insight into how some families came to the UK and how they did their best to settle and make a life for themselves.

However, Priya Basil went off track a little at times and the book felt a tad lengthy but I wanted to know what happened to Sarna and her family, so I continued to read and I’m glad I did because the story was good and developed with a great ending. For it to be her first novel, Basil did quite well, the story was interesting; it had a sense of realism, wisdom, and humour.

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