Behind Closed Doors By Jenny Tomlin – Book Review

Today I’ll be sharing my first book review on Behind Closed Doors by Jenny Tomlin. It’s an autobiography on a woman who experienced many years of negativity; abuse and neglect.

Believe it or not, this book was my holiday read. A friend of mine didn’t understand why I wanted to read something “so depressing” on my break away. If you didn’t already know, social care was one of my subjects I studied in college and University. So I’ve always read social care related articles and books. Anything social care related catches my eye.

I have what I call, a library on top of my wardrobe. I have so many books that I haven’t even read most of them. I read whenever I get a chance. Now a days, you can read books online too but I still like the idea of physically holding a book, smelling the pages as I turn them over, and my wrists aching from holding the book up for too long.

I picked out three books for my holiday but only managed to read this one. I read the blurb and it got me. Jenny told her story about the house she grew up in where no one was safe. Jenny shares her experience of the abuse and humiliation she faced alongside her siblings, and she highlights their strength and bravery, throughout it all.

This book had me feeling all kinds of emotions. I remember at one point my husband asked me to put the book down because I couldn’t stop crying but at the same time I couldn’t put it away because I felt like I had to continue Jenny’s story and hear her out, I felt like she trusted me to share her story, so I had to continue reading to see if she was okay.

However, in some parts of the story I felt sick and disgusted at what Jenny and her siblings went through and although, I don’t know Jenny Tomlin personally, I feel proud of her. I admire her bravery and her strength; definitely an inspiration.

Behind Closed Doors is a good book, I would highly recommend anyone even remotely interested to give it a read.


Sabah ❤


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